Sunday, September 06, 2009

Proud Daddy Moment

A few months before we abandoned the comforts of hearth, home, kith and kin, Beemer & I had spent quite a lot of time outdoors. I had taken her to a couple Audubon events, and she loved birds. Once, when we were driving through Hyrum to the proverbial nest (i.e., my folk’s house), I spotted an American Kestrel on a power-line. I said, “Beemer! What’s that bird?” She looked at it and said, “A kestrel!” It was a proud moment.

Of course, if it had been a robin or magpie she would probably still have called it a kestrel. She knew that I loved kestrels and was eager to make me happy.

Well, a couple days ago Beemer came up to me with this feather in her fingers.

I asked her what bird she thought it came from and she replied that “it’s mostly red, but with some brown, so it’s from a female cardinal.” Honest. Entirely her own logic & her own words. My eyes misted over. That’s my girl.