Friday, July 29, 2005

Prov Canyon Jeeping/ ATV Event

Well, I've tried and tried to get the links to post on the geocaching website, but there must be something wrong with my code. Anyway, it works here at this site, so I hope the geocachers who are comming on the trip find this helpful. Here's an update on the list of caches along the way (just a variation on what the Cowboyz have already written):

Note as of 29 July 2005: The caches along the Prov canyon are: GCPM1N; GCJYM3; GCJK0K; GCJRW2; GCPM24; GCPM29; GCPXN0; GCPXMW; GCPW8P; GCPXMJ; GC1178; GCKH19; GCPVW6; GC1C46; GCPFE2. Some more that are possible, depending on return route and time: GCK0N0; GCP83Z; GCP84N; GCP83W; GCKGJH; GCP83N; GCC126; GCM75Q; GCK41D; GCK6ZP; and GCKKRH. There are many more around here. These are probably the least amount of hiking.