Monday, October 30, 2006

Hello Kitty

As has been well documented, Bree loves her feline friends. So, Pulcheria and I decided that she should share this love with all around her this Samhein. Pulcheria did the costume and I did the make-up (yes, I know I got the easy job, but I can't sew... I'm going to learn how, though!) The adorable result of our efforts is shown here for all to see and admire.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frightful Fruit

We got a message from the Wild-Bounders that they had grown a few extra pumpkins and wanted us to share in their bounty. We came, we carved, we cackled. When our vehicle deposited us at our domicile, we played with matches and took pictures inspired by Adventures in Iowa and posted them here for all to see.

The Jack-o-Lanterns seen here were captured on digital film thanks to the long exposure setting (I think I over-exposed it a bit - it's my first attempt at such a shot) on our mid-level-point-and-click. They are arranged in the following order from left to right:

Mine (Ahenobarbus's), Pulcheria's, and Bree's.

Friday, October 20, 2006

In Loco Parentis (Nullius)

This last one is just so Talen can ask his golden question: "Where are Bree Maia's Mommy and Daddy?"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wind Caves (Revisited)

A couple weeks ago (Oct 5th, I think... I know it was a Thursday!) I hiked up to the windcaves with some splendid friends and Bree on my back. It was great fun. Teisha took the pictures (well, most of them) and I was just there for moral support. Not that she needs it anymore. She's come a long way since her accident. At any rate, here are a few precious photogenic gems from the hike.

Here's Bree contentedly munching on a carrot while the mule trudges along the trail. Kindly observe the head-gear she began with, as it will change throughout the course of the trek. This particular bandana is known to Bree as the "happy-hat."

Just a little stop to admire the view of the China Wall formation to the south, across the canyon, while surrounded by an explosion of fall leaves.

Once we arrived at the destination we snacked on some apples, fruit rolls and more carrots (I don't know what precise combination contributed to the war-paint around Bree's mouth). I've discovered that Bree looks decidedly more dashing in my hat than I do.

Here is the whole troup, sans photographer, in a great shot out of the East Cave. Notice Bree's third hat of the day, this time borrowed from Landon, who doesn't look like he minds too much.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Punkin' Shoes

I got contacted yesterday by a good friend, Emily, who lives in Iowa. One of our main sources of contact since she moved has been through Blogger. She wrote me, concerned that I had fallen into a very deep, dark, deadly dangerous pit and couldn't possibly escape, and had been left for dead. Guess that's what happens when you establish a pattern of fairly frequent posts, then drop the ball for a couple weeks. Never fear. All is well, and to prove it, I took these pictures of Bree just this morning.

I thought Sophie would be happy to see that her Pumpkin Slippers are being very happily used back here in Logan, and that Bree's toes love to be in them, although this is probably the last month those little feet can fit comfortably in them. The time to pass them on to the next little munchkin is rapidly approaching. Until then, though, the Jack-o-Lanterns will swing to the rhythm of whatever tune Bree dances to.

Postscript: our hearts and prayers are with Teisha's dad. Hope he has a full and speedy recovery.