Saturday, March 07, 2009

At Bat, on Deck, and in the Hole

In an attempt to change our dating routine a bit, Pulcheria and I decided to forgo our usual eateries and go mini-golfing, last night, instead. We finished quickly – she beat me by two strokes – and still had time before picking the girls up. We tried the batting cages at the same place. It’s been so long, I thought softball was just the ticket. I hit every one, with only one foul ball, then Jan was up. She got in a few solid hits (one good one got a piece of her finger), too.

We took Beemer back, today, and she loved golfing. I tried fast-pitch baseball and very thoroughly and completely sucked (I’ll go back and try the slow-pitched machine, though I’ll have to wait for all those talented six-year-olds to go first)! Bree wasn’t ready to go in, so we snapped this shot instead.