Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Wilkster

This link is to a video of a great friend who consistantly beats the odds and inspires all within his circle of influence. Be patient. It'll load.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where's Phil?

So, one of these ornaments is not like the others. Which one is your guess?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Footnote Source

See above photographs to reference with the footnote in this year's Christmas Letter.

Merry Christmas to All

Seasons Greetings!

It is once again the time for snow angels, Christmas carols, and hot chocolate. We can hardly believe how fast time is passing. For some reason having Brielle in our family and watching her grow seems to have put our lives on fast forward. [Please do not compare this paragraph to last year’s introduction.]

Danny finished his baccalaureate degree in May, took a fishing trip to the Uintas in July, took the GRE in November, and his plans are (to quote him) to “go to grad school somewhere or work or, like, whatever.” Such decisive focus should be an inspiration to us all. He works on the weekends and during the week Bree keeps him busy with her requests to color and walk outside. He is such a great dad. Bree adores him with full reciprocity received.

January splits her time between work and Bree. She excitedly moved her office to a building with a real-live mailing address and spent two days painting and arranging her office the way she has wanted it for ten years…just in time to enjoy it for one year before we move away. She also took a trip to Jacksonville in October for a conference. The conference was remarkable, but her favorite part was an impromptu trip to the beach to collect sea shells! While excited to move on with Danny’s graduate school this summer, she is sad to leave her staff, residents (well, most of them), and the opportunities her job has given her.

Brielle is now two and gets more adorable every day!
[1] Her accomplishments this year include: Jan. 6 – learned how to whistle; Feb. 18 – learned to walk; Feb. 19 – learned to run; May 25 – fostered 5 kittens; June 3 – fell in love with her swing; July 4 – hiked the Limber Pine with Mom & Dad; July 20 – forgot how to whistle; Sept 7 – saw the Kokanee Run; Sept 15 – learned to distinguish raptors from other types of birds (very cute little shouts of “hawk” from her carseat); Sept 23 – swam in her first hot spring; Oct. 5 – hiked the Wind Caves with Landon & Oakley; Oct 31 – first poetry recitation (dressed as a kitty); Nov 9 – finished her 1,168,000,000th mile (circumsolar track); Nov 24 – learned (from Talen) to jump on her bed like a monkey. Whistling aside, she’s had a very successful year.

This has been a year of miracles and laughter. We wish you a very happy holiday season and send you love and hugs wherever you may be. Have a wonderful 2007!

Δόξα εν υψίστοις θεώi καί επί γής ειρήνη εν ανθρώποις ευδοκίας.

Merry Christmas!

[1] cf. above photographs for conclusive proof of Bree’s sparkling and charismatic appearance

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ah, Subway

How I miss the desert. Soon, perhaps...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jacob's Ladder

Occasionally, my pillows have also been stone (Gen. 28:11). I miss the warm, long days already, so it may be time to take a trip down south sometime soon. The last time I went to the desert was with my cute little family in Spring Semester of last year! S.A.D. may soon leave me little choice but to bail out on inversion-land. [For those of you who want Bree pics, you can check them out from the last trip south by looking at the March and April archives. Thank you.]