Thursday, September 09, 2010

Johnson's Shut-Ins

The term "shut-ins" is an Ozark noun used to describe the geological formation caused when a river's path cuts through large-scale bedrock. The rock, meanwhile, splits the river into multiple stream-beds, surrenders itself to erosion, and forms hoodoo-like spires, potholes, slides, plunge pools, etc. As Pulcheria described it: "it's kind of like Goblin Valley, but with running water." Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park is one of Missouri's finest locales. We camped there a couple days ago, after the Labor Day crowds had abated, and had a fantastic time. Anyone wishing to book a trip with us may contact Pulcheria. We'll love to share it.

Below: An all-too-typical Missouri trail.
Below: A classic Missouri destination.

Above: My souvenir - I bet you can't tell how far I can reach down my back/shoulders when applying my own sun-screen.