Monday, December 19, 2005

This Is Only a Test

This is a test. I have been experimenting and researching how to post a video to my blog, and I think I have it all figured out. You'll have to let me know how it works. Either click on the picture (or just click here) to view the video.

So, what this is (hopefully) is a video of Bree when she was just four months old, learning how to say "mama," with a bit of help from Pulcheria, who had a vested interest in this event. Enjoy.

I Wish

Here are some pathetic random ramblings, regurgitated from my vegetative mental peregrinations:

1) I really need to learn why, as soon as I have time to enjoy myself, I get sick. It’s been happening since elementary school, when I had perfect attendance to the actual school days, but as soon as a long weekend or other break rolled around – Bam! – I got sick. The pattern still holds. Last Friday (Dec. 16) I finished the last of my work for the semester, went to a friend’s wedding, and went to work that night (I only work weekends while I’m going to school.) Yesterday at about 2 in the afternoon, having just returned from work, I started getting a stuffy nose and sore throat. I have two weeks of holiday (except for the weekends) and I get sick. Something must be done.

2) At any rate, those of you who know my schedule are asking, “Ahenobarbus, why aren’t you at the dentist right now?” Good question with a lame answer. I was so tired after my 14 hour workday (worknight?) that I left my lights on. As a result, when I went to start up the faithful XJ this morning, nothing happened. Oh, well. I wasn’t terribly broken-hearted when I had to reschedule.

3) So here I am, doing nothing but feeling slightly sick, wishing Pulcheria and Bree hadn’t been snowed in down south last night, wishing I hadn’t left my lights on yesterday afternoon, and wishing I hadn’t done whatever it is I continually do to get myself sick. Those are my current pre-Christmas wishes.

4) I know: I’m impossible.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Where the Wild Things Are

For those who know the great children's book Where the Wild Things Are, don't you think that, in this picture, Bree looks a bit like Max when he's all dressed up? This is what happens when we take out her antennae-like-poly-tails after they've been in all day. Posted by Picasa