Friday, November 23, 2007

World Bird Sanctuary

As per requests and promises, on Friday I took a couple photos of where I volunteer. The Turkey Vulture’s name is Turk, and she really likes to bite. You can tell she's a bigger bird by how far I'm leaning back to counter-balance. The Great Horned Owl’s name is Coal, and he’s a sweetie who likes to hoot. Coal is, quite possibly, the messiest bird at the Sanctuary, frequently dirtying up his furniture, and thus my hands when I handle him.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ozark Initiation

I came to a realization a few nights ago. Although I really wanted to pig-out on comfort food, I didn’t need it. Although I was offered several places in which said pigging-out could be carried out, I decided to turn them down. What I really miss is my family and friends and wilderness. I could celebrate Thanksgiving with relative strangers, and thus strengthen budding friendships (and thus have more time to work), OR I could celebrate with established friends & family (fun, but leaving no time to work), OR I could get off my butt and find some wilderness. I opted for the latter. I had a hasty breakfast at 5:30, then drove for about an hour and a half and found myself at the trailhead for a section of the Ozark Trail.

It was lightly snowing, and the stream sang for me. All for me, since I alone owned the trail today. The creek greeted me very closely, as I slipped in my crossing. Fortunately I brought a couple extra pairs of socks, so even that trial has turned into a great memory (on the way back, I took off foot gear and crossed it “North Fork,” style, ala WM). My good camera is in Utah, enjoying the family that I miss, so I had to make do with my cell-phone. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! See you soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to Waterproof a Thumb-Drive

Here's my one-hour Saturday afternoon (while Bree napped) project. Yes, this was work avoidance, inspired by Z.1) acquire a (cheap) USB flash-drive

2) carefully extract the innards
3) apply thin layer of waterproof (i.e., non-permeable) epoxy, taking special care to coat the four terminals going into the metal sheath, NB do not epoxy more than a mm. or two onto the metal sheath [no pics here - sorry, my hands were full]
4) wait 20-30 minutes, then apply second layer [again, no pics] 5) (OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED) wait another 20-30 minutes, then superglue a key-ring (or other such attaching device) and ID-tag6) Final coat over electronics, ID-tag and ring (if you waste too much, like me, this should finish up your syringe of epoxy)
7) Let cure for at least 24 hours before complete submersion

8) Enjoy. If it gets accidentally washed, or soaked in soda, it should still work for you.