Saturday, August 13, 2005

Brown-tone Family

Here is one of my favorite shots from a trip our family made up to Mt Logan back in July. I've always liked the Sepia look, so I thought I'd put one in here for the enjoyment of all. We took the Cherokee up, of course. And speaking of the Cherokee, I've got a new site dedicated to the celebration of my Jeepin' adventures: check out Jeepus Inventus for more details.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Fan Fan

Kids get into the strangest places. Here is our little Beemer after having crawled under the step-ladder into the corner of the room where we keep our hamper (as you can plainly see in the background). Luckily the fan was unplugged, so I didn't worry about her playing with it. She loves fans. She stares at the ceiling fans, plays with the oscillating fan (turned off, of course) on her changing table, and would play with this one too, if she were only a tad taller. All too soon, she will be.