Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Flaming Eyes

So, there we were, the rearguard of the Rohirrim, when Melnyr, the demigod (a.k.a. Howard, the level 50 jerk) came charging from behind. We had no escape. The wargs forming his entourage bore down on us like the very hounds of Sauron the defeated. I summoned a fireball and smote many of the demon canids, but was thwarted in my next two attempts by the sorcerer, whose eyes blazed forth flame-red. All of the wargs echoed this heinous ocular feat as they swept past us in their relentless attack against the horsemen of the Riddermark.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Backpackin' Bree

I've come to a very insightful conclusion: I've been using this site to perfect my work avoidance. Back when school was still in session, you'll notice, my posts were frequent. Since the semester ended I've done practically nothing to it: nada; nil; zero; zip; zilch; squat. So, "why the change of heart today," you ask. Well, the answer is obvious: I've been picking up applications for gainful employment. Work avoidance is, therefore, back on the table!

In this picture, taken by the enviable Pulcheria, our little Beemer is happily riding on the back of her daddy, thanks to his Father’s Day present (given just a bit early). She was perfectly content to ride along wherever I went for about an hour. Even then, it was I who called it quits (dinner, you see) not her. Once this weird weather pattern allows some trails to dry out a bit, we’ll test the new product in earnest.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Six years. Has it been just six years? To think, only a decade ago, I was running around chasing girls with Wildman, trying to kill myself in a monster dune buggy with Chad Lewis, and perfectly happy being a projectionist at a family owned theater in Hyrum Utah, working 3 hours a night. My, my - how time flies.

It was six years ago, yesterday, that I knelt at an altar, gazing at Pulcheria, when I promised I'd take her as my wife. I'm glad to say that she has yet to walk out or seriously injure me [knock on wood]. Every once in a while I can tell that she is contemplating the balance of 25 to life, but she's a thinker, and the scale hasn't tipped in that direction yet.

After dropping Beems off at Pulcheria's mother's house on Saturday, we headed down to Happy Valley for a wedding reception of some friends. Then I surprised my bride by taking her to one of her favorite restaurants in SLC, the Melting Pot. It was quite the experience. Everything served is fondue, from bread to raw meats to chocolate desserts. Ah, the dessert alone was bliss. It was great to have a night out with just us. Not that we don't like having Bree with us, but it was relaxing. It was also good to have a conversation which wasn't dominated by child-care schedules, feeding habits and the Utah Miracle of one-handed-dining. I love my family - all three of us. But it wouldn't be the joy it is without Pulcheria.