Saturday, July 12, 2008


Just saw Wall-E. Loved it. Chris & Lish are right about the short: their best yet. But, I must say, I thought the film itself was great, and contained a full, complete story.

The subliminal (though not subtle) commentary on today's consumer-society wishing to return to the protection of the womb/infant state was provoking - but that wasn't the story. The message about being good stewards over the earth was timely - but that wasn't the story.

At heart it was a LOVE STORY explaining how one person/thing relates to someone/something s/he loves. The love story is complex, and illustrates the dangers of loving someone/something more beautiful/powerful than yourself; how media affects the way affection is shown; how a united loving unit (i.e. family) can overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Indeed, I thought it well worth my time (though a bit expensive). Everything not directly related to this main plot-line is merely the canvas upon this work was painted.

To be sure, it doesn't beat out The Incredibles for the #1 Pixar movie, in my book. Even so, it's still a great show. Any flick that can go - what was it? like 20 minutes? - without dialog (and I don't even notice it) has got to have something special going on.

So: what’s your prime directive? Do you control it, or does it control you?