Monday, September 05, 2005

Strange Slumber

No need to worry, folks, Phil is not dead. Have you ever fallen asleep in a really strange position that, for some inexplicable reason, was the only one that felt comfortable to you? Well, I think that Phil's soporific life has been permanently set to that mode. He's been in this position for about an hour now, and hasn't moved much more than to shield his eyes from the light which I turned on in order to take this picture. What a guy. You gotta love him.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

(Chrono)Logical Progressions

There are two items of interest that need to be documented in the memoirs of our crescent family. First of all, our little Bree has found a new favorite food: Newtons. She tends toward strawberry, but likes raspberry as well. Secondly, she has progressed from the ubiquitous Utah-baby-Spike (a.k.a. Unicorn) hair-style, to the Insectoid-Antennae style (I find it much preferable). The above picture demonstrably captures both events.