Sunday, May 06, 2007

Valley of the Goblins

Our new home (we were only renting). The view was great.

Pulcheria thinks: Hm. I wonder where Bree's hiding.

Bree thinks: Now! now! now! Quick! While her back is turned! Freedom! Woot!!

'Say "cheese," Bree!'

Stage Two of our adventure began when we arrived at our camp (still Sunday, Apr. 29). We tented among the goblinesque hoodoos of Goblin Valley State Park. After pitching our home we headed out to play. Bree had such fun running around and leading Pulcheria from hoodoo to sand heap, sand heap to hoodoo. She climbed, clambered, slid and generally had a fantastic time there, sans trail, sans schedule. Pulcheria very patiently allowed her to run and play pretty much wherever she wanted. Meanwhile, I went off exploring the outer valleys, in which I had never before been. I got reasonably (and pleasantly) lost in the labyrinthine system drainages and spires (generally much bigger and more impressive than Valley #1), and finally ended up climbing a ridge to get my bearings. An hour and a half later I rejoined my family (still led by Bree), got some last minute playing taken care of, then back to camp for dinner and bed.

"Daddy! Look - I see a IZARD!!"

Pulcheria poses, looking particularly pulchritudinous.

One of Bree's favorite activities was to "ride" the myriad Entrada fashioned "camels."


Wildbound said...

I love it. Love the pics, and love the place. Sounds like Bree had a great time not having a destination. She's such a cute desert mouse.

Muad'Dib said...

Hehe...."Cheese" Bree

Looks fun...I STILL have never been there.

Muad'Dib said...

No way. Nice quote from Joseph Campbell. I used that book as a main source for my final senior paper in college on Frank Herbert's, Dune. "Make No Heroes," to quote Muad'Dib.